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CNC Turned Components manufacture from various materials like stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel & copper alloy etc. CNC Turned Parts offered by our company possess high degree of accuracy and repeatability. We are well equipped with innovative technology for the products of excellent quality parts for various industries for their various features and wide application area.

Salient Features of CNC Turned Parts:

  • Very High Quality Parts can be made of Turning diameter between 10mm to 70mm
  • Accuracy of 10 to 15 microns can be achieved with high precision
  • Provides high quality surface finish
  • High Processing accuracy to achieve Zero defect products leading to 0 PPM
  • Ideal for highly customized Precision components
  • Complex parts can be made effectively
  • Small batch quantity products can be undertaken which is of benefits to customers whose requirements are small or change at short notice
  • Any Kind of special turned parts can be made as per customer's specifications.



  • ISO Metric (MM Threads)
  • British Standard Threads BSP,BSPT,BSW,BSF,BA
  • ASTM threads like NPT,NPTF, UNC, UNF
  • PG Threads
  • ACME Threads
  • Edison Threads or almost any threads as per custom specification


  • Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I) or BS 249 Type (I) or High Grade
  • Any Special Brass Material Composition as per customers requirement
  • Stainless Steel Turning Grades like 303, 304 etc
  • Mild Steel Grades like EN 1A (BS 970 230M07) etc
  • Aluminum Turning Grades like 1070 etc
  • Carbon Steel

Finish And Coating:

  • Natural Clean
  • Nickel
  • Silver
  • Tin
  • White, Yellow or Blue Zinc